• Arnica - What is it and Its Healing Properties

    April 29, 2022 2 min read

    Arnica - What is it and Its Healing Properties
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    Arnica - As one of the most ancient homoeopathic medications, arnica has been used for centuries in many households. We, today, would like to let you know all about the mysteries of arnica.

    The Origin of Arnica

    The use of Arnica as a traditional medication has been documented to date back to Greece in the 16th century where it became popular, and then knowledge regarding the plants healing properties was spread far and wide across Europe after this time.

    Back to more recent history, more and more populations around the world have shunned what we call traditional medicine in western society, like painkillers & anti-inflammatories, to take a more measured natural approach.  In fact, medications and natural products that include arnica in its ingredients are increasing, and they have been mainly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, swelling and bruising.

    What does the flower of Arnica do?

    With the flower heads of arnica, they are usually made into topical creams or ointments to address the following issues:

    • Bruising
    • Sore Muscles and Aches
    • Joint Pain and Swelling Joint
    • Inflammation to all kinds
    • Bleeding and Swelling after surgeries

    It is rare for Arnica to be taken orally.

    Warnings about Arnica

    Arnica, used incorrectly can be toxic, so:

    1. Do not ever try to grow your own Arnica or consume it. Harvesting Arnica needs to be undertaken by someone who farms the plant in a safe environment.
    2. Do not purchase any dry or crafted arnicas to use it to make tea or tonics because unless you’re a microbiologist, you actually don’t know what you’re buying.  Stick with reputable ingredient suppliers (check with your local trading standards team or government regulatory team if outside the UK), if you’re keen to make your own Arnica based product.

    Our opinion is……

    Whilst most manufacturers of Herbal remedies in the UK are reputable, be cautious when using any new product.  Herbal remedies aren't subject to the same regulatory standards as pharmaceutical drugs, and to be honest, some of them can’t regulated in the same way because of the unique nature of farming & producing products. 

    And finally, some herbal medications can interact with prescription medications, so always ask your doctor before trying any of these remedies to ensure it won’t react with any medication you may be taking.


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