• Boosting your Immune System in 6 WAYS

    February 08, 2022 2 min read

    Boosting your Immune System in 6 WAYS

    What does the Immune System do?

    Your immune system fights off infection and inflammation and protects you against thousands of viruses and bacteria everyday.  Often, you can’t even tell that your immune system is working so hard because our body just protects us, without even generating any of the normal symptoms of a virus or bacteria.  It’s only when the immune system is overwhelmed or the virus or bacteria is particularly virulent that we experience symptoms like a runny nose, headache, sore throat, upset tummy, that indicate an infection has taken hold.

    Your Immune System can have such a big impact on your overall health, even when you’re well, so its wise to look after and nourish it so that when needed it, it can work its full magic!

    How do I know if I have a weak immune system?

    There are a few key indicators which would suggest you have a low immune system; they include:

    • Developing infections constantly
    • Having an extremely high level of Stress
    • Having a cold “bug” more than 4 times a year
    • Tummy Troubles
    • Endless tiredness
    • Picking up bugs very easily & quickly from friends & family

    The good news is though, that there are ways to boost your Immune System!

    1. A balanced diet

    Make sure you have a good balance of fruit and vegetables for optimum nutrition.  Also try to ensure you have healthy fats & oils for heart health too.

    2. Exercise Regularly

    Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week but do not push yourself too hard as this can weaken your immune system.

    Remember to avoid exercising at too high intensity, too frequently basis or for extended periods without stopping to rest.

    3. Embrace good hygiene practices at home

    Deep clean the house once a week but pay particular attention to two key areas:

    1. In the kitchen - be careful when handling raw meat and ensure all food preparation equipment is thoroughly cleaned immediately after use. Regularly clean top surfaces and do a deep clean at least once a week.
    2. In the bathroom - deep clean the toilet, sink & bath several times a week. Ensure that top surfaces and floors are cleaned weekly and that door handles and surfaces are cleaned at a regular intervals.
    3. Personal hygiene – ensure that you regularly wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser as it significantly reduces your chance of picking up viruses. 

    3. Avoid People who are Sick (Self-isolate when you feel sick yourself!)

    4. Find different ways to manage your stress levels

    People with a weak immune system should take steps to manage their stress. Practices that may reduce and manage stress include:

    1. Yoga
    2. Meditation
    3. Massage
    4. Spending time pursuing hobbies
    5. Staying in touch with friends, relatives, and others who can offer support

    By reducing your stress, your body is more easily able to repair itself when sleeping.  This in turn improves your immune system.

    5. Most importantly, always follow your Doctor’s Advice

    If you feel you have a low immune system and you’re constantly feeling generally unwell, seek medical advice.

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