• De-stressing yourself is Easier than you think!

    March 16, 2022 3 min read

    De-stressing yourself is Easier than you think!

    Sometimes life doesn’t treat you well and everything seems just a bit harder than normal.  We understand that, it happens to us too.  But, just remember good times are always around the corner and you can learn to cope with whatever difficulties you’re having, with the right support and mindset.

    Both our body and mind are connected to each other, so its important to take time for yourself every once in a while – it’s often called “self-care”.  Most of us are bad at self-care as we have busy lifestyles and are often looking after family members, so we’ve compiled a list of a few things that we can add into our daily routine to reduce our stress and to help our overall wellbeing. 

    Relaxing your body

    1. Listen to your favourite music
    2. Try to meditate – it doesn’t take a lot; literally sitting in a quiet room and focussing your mind on relaxing for a few minutes a day can help to reduce your stress significantly
    3. Take Slow, Deep breathes if you start feeling anxious
    4. Get some exercise – try and do some exercise every day, so go for that walk at lunchtime and get out in the fresh air – it’s amazing how much different you feel once the endorphins are active.
    5. Eat Healthily – try to reduce your intake of sugar & caffeine as these can make you have “highs” and “lows” in your blood sugar.  A balanced diet with fruit & veg is best, and try to eat a lighter meal at night as this will help you to sleep easier

    Relaxing your mind

    • Balance Responsibilities with Passion

    All work and no play is an absolute torture to anyone. Find a passion about something you love dearly and make time for it.

    • Stick to your plans

    Being organised definitely helps with people who struggle to kill time but planning is no good if you do not actually stick to the plan. It also helps overcome procrastination and a high amount of stress if you manage to get on top of everything. Take a bit of time by the end of every day to reflect on your personal thoughts.

    • Get Proper Sleep

    Getting the right amount of sleep can help us stay focused and be a lot more productive the day after. Let alone staying productive, people tend to have more positive thoughts on their minds after more than 8 hours of sleep. Do not let those TV shows keep you awake the next time :)

    When to get help!

    Sometimes, despite our best efforts, life and our stress get in the way.  It’s important to realise when you need help.  Some of the signs that highlight when it’s time to get help are:

    • You’re not focussed on your job or school life
    • You’re using alcohol, drugs, tobacco or gambling to deal with your stress
    • Your eating habits have changed – you’re either not eating, or eating too much
    • Your sleeping habits have changed significantly – more often you feel tired after a full nights sleep, or you’re only getting a few hours of sleep because you can’t switch off!
    • You have irrational fears and anxiety – sometimes you can recognise this in your own actions, but be receptive to others pointing this out to you.
    • You are having difficulties conducting your every day routine
    • You’re withdrawing from friends and family and isolating yourself away from social situations and interactions with other people.
    • You are feeling very low in your mood - you may recognise it as depression but not always -  and you are considering giving up.

    If you need help, we encourage you to seek help.  Sometimes, just a chat with a friend is enough, other times, it’s more involved and you may need further help.  There are lots of organisations & charities that can help talk through your problems but they will listen, without judgement.  Consider contacting The Samaritans on 116 123.

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