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    Actilite Manuka Honey Dressings 10cm x 10cm Box of 10 Dressings

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    Introducing Actilite: Advanced Manuka Honey-Infused Wound Care

    Superior Dressing for Optimal Healing
    Experience the next level in wound care with Actilite, a lightweight, viscose net dressing infused with 99% Manuka honey and 1% Manuka oil. Designed for both efficacy and comfort, Actilite is your go-to solution for promoting faster healing and optimal wound care.

    Dual Antibacterial Action
    Harness the potent antibacterial properties of both Manuka honey and Manuka oil. Actilite is engineered to combat major wound pathogens including MRSA, VRE, and Providentia stuartii, effectively reducing the risk of infections. Its natural ingredients are proven to help maintain a clean and healthy wound environment.

    Promotes Skin Regeneration and Reduces Scarring
    With the addition of Manuka oil, Actilite not only speeds up the healing process but also promotes new cell growth, which helps reduce scarring and marks on healing granulating and epithelializing wounds.

    Ideal Moisture Balance
    Actilite maintains an optimal moisture level around the wound, facilitating the natural healing process while preventing the risk of maceration. This balanced environment is key to effective wound management.

    Easy to Use and Store
    Application is straightforward—Actilite can be applied with either side facing up, covered by a secondary dressing suited to the wound's exudate level. Keep it at room temperature, and adjust the consistency by warming or cooling if necessary.

    Safety and Indications
    Actilite is safe for most users, but those with diabetes should monitor blood sugar levels, and it should not be used by individuals allergic to bee venom. Should initial discomfort occur, it typically lessens quickly; however, if it persists, discontinue use and consult healthcare advice.

    Key Benefits:

    • Antibacterial: Targets and kills harmful bacteria
    • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling and pain
    • Odor Control: Neutralizes odors effectively
    • Osmotic Effect: Cleanses the wound bed by drawing out impurities
    • Moisture Maintenance: Ensures a conducive environment for wound healing

    Explore the revolutionary benefits of Actilite in your wound care regimen and see the difference natural ingredients can make.

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