• Activon Tube 100% Manuka Honey Tube - 25g

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    Premium Medical-Grade Manuka Honey for Advanced Wound Care

    Versatile and Effective Wound Healing Solution
    Discover the healing powers of Activon Tube, a top-choice wound care product featuring 100% medical-grade Manuka honey. This 20g tube is expertly formulated to create a moist healing environment, effectively removing dead tissue and replenishing any honey washed away from dressings.

    Targeted Application for Various Wound Types
    Activon Tube is ideal for managing a variety of wounds, including pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and burns. Its consistent use helps eliminate wound odor and provides a strong antibacterial action, ensuring a cleaner wound healing process.

    Safe and Convenient
    Presented in a user-friendly 20g tube, Activon Tube can be utilized for up to 90 days once opened, making it a convenient addition to your medical supplies. Its application supports a pain-free healing process, although some initial discomfort may occur, which typically subsides shortly.

    Important Considerations
    Please be advised that Activon Tube is not suitable for individuals with an allergy to bee venom. Should you experience persistent discomfort upon application, discontinue use immediately and rinse the area with saline solution to alleviate symptoms.

    Key Benefits:

    • Medical-Grade Manuka Honey: Ensures high-quality, potent antibacterial properties.
    • Moist Healing Environment: Promotes faster healing and tissue regeneration.
    • Odor Elimination: Keeps the wound area fresh and free from unpleasant smells.
    • Wide-Ranging Efficacy: Suitable for treating a variety of wounds, enhancing its utility in your healthcare regimen.

    Experience the natural healing benefits of Manuka honey with Activon Tube and take a proactive step towards effective wound management.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Jean Dunning
    Very good

    All these genuine manuka honey items are excellent

    Sergiu Duna
    Pressure sore healer

    A little sceptic for the healing power of manuka honey but it works miracles. Glad I use it. There is no doubt.

    We are so glad you got on well with our Activon Tube! Thank you so much for leaving this kind feedback your reviews make such a difference to a small business like ours and always make our team smile! I hope you feel much better soon!


    Great stuff for healing

    Rosemary Mitchell
    Effective Healing for Leg Ulcers

    We used this product on my mum-in-law's leg ulcers and it was extremely soothing and effective in helping them to heal. It was much better than other products we, and the district nurses, had already tried. When I ordered the Activon from Manuka Honey Direct it was despatched promptly and I received it within a couple of days.

    Steve Walsh
    Honey Treatment: Effective for Skin Rash

    I had a sort of thing on arm a rash type thing on my arm and the honey treatment worked really well - it was cleared up in two weeks, I was only using it occasionally to see how fast it was working